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HK-117 RTU Sanitizer: Products

HK-117 RTU Sanitizer

Rinse Free Quaternary Based Surface Sanitizer

This is a rinse-free quaternary type hard surface sanitizer. It is available in a 600ppm active quaternary concentration, ready to use format. No dilution required. Non-corrosive to metal and other surfaces. Odorless and not pungent. Non bleaching therefore will not discolor surfaces. Non-flammable and alcohol free. Use to sanitize all hard, non-porous and non-food contact surfaces. Highly active against a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, algae and lipophilic (enveloped) viruses. Broad spectrum germicidal activity kills a variety of microorganism including staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli and lipophilic (enveloped) viruses like herpes simples virus and coronavirus.

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