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Institutional Building Care: Products

Institutional Building Care

Cleaners For House Keeping Care

HK-104 Liquid Pine_2.jpg
HK-105 Cleaner & Sanitizer_2.jpg
HK-111 Hair & Body Shampoo_2.jpg
HK-113 Mosaic Cleaner_2.jpg

HK-104 Liquid Pine

All Purpose Cleaner & Sanitizer with Pine Extract

HK-105 Cleaner & Sanitizer

All Purpose Cleaner & Sanitizer with Lemon Fragrance
(QAC Base)

HK-111 Hair & Body Shampoo

Gentle 2 in 1 Cleanser for Hair & Skin

HK-113 Mosaic Cleaner

Acidic Liquid Cleaner For Mosaic

HK-114 Furniture Polish_2.jpg
HK-119 Floor Seal_2.jpg
HK-120 Floor Polish_2.jpg
HK-121 Buffing Liquid_2.jpg

HK-114 Furniture Polish

Liquid Polish for Furniture

HK-119 Floor Seal

Liquid Base Floor Seal

HK-120 Floor Polish

High Shine Floor Polish

HK-121 Floor Buff

Floor Buffing Liquid

HK-124 Foam Soap_2.jpg
HK-201 All Purpose Cleaner_2.jpg
HK-202 All Purpose + Wax_2.jpg
HK-203 Acidic Cleaner_2.jpg

HK-124 Foam Soap

Foaming Liquid Hand Soap

HK-201 All Purpose Cleaner

General All Purpose Cleaner

HK-202 All Purpose & Shine

All Purpose Cleaner With Wax Properties

HK-203 Acidic Cleaner

High Acidic Liquid Cleaner

HK-204 Toilet Cleaner_2.jpg
HK-205 Alkaline Cleaner_2.jpg
HK-206 Wax Remover_2.jpg
HK-207 Glass Cleaner_2.jpg

HK204 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Acidic Cleaner For Toilet Bowl

HK-205 Alkaline Cleaner (Degreaser)

Alkaline Based Degreaser

HK-206 Wax Remover (Stripper)

Floor Stripper For Removal Of Wax

HK-207 Glass Cleaner

Liquid Cleaner For Glass

HK-210 Liquid Freshener_2.jpg
HK-211 Carpet Cleaner_2.jpg
HK-212 Multi Pine_2.jpg
HK-213 Hand Wash_2.jpg

HK-210 Air Freshener

Liquid Air Freshener (Water Based)

HK-211 Carpet Shampoo

Low Foam Carpet Shampoo

HK-212 Multi Pine

Neutral Thick Liquid Pine Cleaner

HK-213 Hand Wash

Gentle Liquid Hand Soap

HK-215 Floor Cleaner_2.jpg
HK-216 Cement Softener_2.jpg

HK-215 Floor Cleaner

Neutral Liquid Cleaner With Sanitizing Properties

HK-216 Cement Softener

Acid Base Liquid Solution For Easy Cement Removal

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