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Best Of Laundry Detergent Solutions

LD-301 Main Detergent-2.jpg
LD-302 Laundry Detergent_1.jpg
LD-303 Alkaline Booster_2.jpg
LD-304 Oxygen Bleach_2.jpg

LD-301 Main Detergent

Highly Concentrated & Low Foaming Powder Detergent

LD-302 Laundry Detergent

Concentrated And Low-Foaming Powder Laundry Detergent With A Characteristic Scent

LD-303 Alkaline Booster

Heavy Duty Alkali Detergent With Anti-Graying Agent

LD-304 Oxygen Bleach

Color-Safe Destainer Is Formulated For Processing Colored Table Linen, Room Linen And Garments

LD-306 Fabric Neutralizer_2.jpg
LD-308 Alkaline Booster (L)_2.jpg
LD-309 Main Detergent (L)_2.jpg
LD-310 Emulsifier_2.jpg

LD-306 Fabric Neutralizer

Laundry Sour Specifically-Formulated For Use In Commercial And On-Premise Laundries

LD-308 Alkaline Booster (L)

Heavy Duty Liquid Alkaline Detergent

LD-309 Main Detergent (L)

Main Wash Detergent Specially Formulater For Commercial Laundry

LD-310 Emulsifier

Solvent Enhanced Neutral Detergent With Emulsion Technology

LD-311 Oxygen Bleach (L)_2.jpg
LD-312 Chlorine Bleach (L)_2.jpg
LD-313 Fabric Neutralizer (L)_2.jpg
LD-314 Fabric Softener_2.jpg

LD-311 Oxygen Bleach (L)

Color-Safe Liquid Destainer Is Formulated For Processing Colored Linen & Garments

LD-312 Chlorine Bleach

Specially Formulated Laundry Destainer For White Fabrics

LD-313 Fabric Neutralizer (L)

Laundry Liquid Sour Specifically-Formulated To Efficiently Neutralizes Fabric Alkalinity

LD-314 Fabric Softener

Concentrated Fabric Softener With Fresh Floral Fragrance

LD-316 Laundry Liquid_2.jpg
LD-317 Duo Action Detergent_2.jpg
LD-320 Stain Remover_2.jpg
LD-321 Rust Remover_2.jpg

LD-316 Laundry Liquid

Liquid Laundry Detergent With Excellent Cleaning Capabilities

LD-317 Duo Action Detergent

Highly Concentrated Powder Laundry Detergent With Built In Color Safe Bleach For Effective Cleaning And Destaining

LD-320 Stain Remover

Effective Alkaline Cleaner For Quick Removal Of Tough Greasy Stains

LD-321 Rust Remover

A Blend Of Surfactants And Other Cleaning Components Designed For The Effective Removal Of Discolorations Caused By Rust Or Metallic Stains

LD-322 Laundry Combi_2.jpg
LD-401 Liquid Bleach_2.jpg
LD-402 Liquid Softener_2.jpg

LD-322 Laundry Combi

Powerful Laundry Detergent With Brighteners

LD-401 Liquid Bleach

Liquid Chlorine Bleach For Bleaching White Linen,Rremoving Tough Stains And Sanitizing Hard Surfaces

LD-402 Liquid Softener

Specially Formulated Fabric Softening Liquid

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