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Kitchen Hygiene: Products

Kitchen Hygiene

Perfect Cleaner For Your Kitchen

SW-501 Autowash Detergent_2.jpg
SW-502 Rinse Aid_2.jpg
SW-504 Low Foam Degreaser_2.jpg
SW-505 Pine Jelly_2.jpg

SW-501 Autowash Detergent

Auto-Dosed Liquid Detergent For Warewashing Machine

SW-502 Rinse Aid

Low-Foam Machine Rinse Additive For Rapid And Streak-Free Drying

SW-504 Low Foam Degreaser

Alkaline Degreaser For Removing Proteins, Fats, Grease, Oils And Other Food Soils In A Food Preparation Environment

SW-505 Pine Jelly

Disinfectant Gel Cleaner & Deodorant

SW-506 Oven Cleaner_2.jpg
SW-507 Descaler_2.jpg
SW-508 Cleaner & Sanitizer_2.jpg
SW-509 Hand Soap Anti Bac_2.jpg

SW-506 Oven Cleaner

Highly Alkaline Liquid Cleaner For Stainless Steel Recirculating Rotisserie Ovens, Conventional Ovens, Grills, Hot Plates, Deep Fryers, Pots and Pans

SW-507 Descaler

Mildly-Acidic Liquid Cleaner Specifically Developed To Remove Hard Water Deposits From Most Hard Surfaces

SW-508 Cleaner & Sanitizer

A Quaternary-Based Liquid Cleaner & Sanitizer

SW-509 Hand Soap (Anti Bacterial)

Gentle Hand Soap With Anti Bacterial Properties

SW-510 Instant Hand Sanitizer_2.jpg
SW-511 Non Rinse Sanitizer_2.jpg
SW-512 GReasetrap Maintainer_2.jpg
SW-515 Oxy Destainer (Powder)_2.jpg

SW-510 Instant Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Based Gel Type Hand Sanitizer

SW-511 Non-Rinse Sanitizer

A Non-Rinse Sanitizer For Food Contact Surfaces And Other Hard Surfaces Where Sanitization Is Of Prime Importance

SW-512 Greasetrap Enzyme

Specifially Formulated Enzyme To Attack The Soils Build Ups In Pipes & Greasetrap

SW-515 Oxy Destainer

Destaining Powder Suitable For Melamine, Glassware & Chinaware

SW-516 Chlorine Destainer_2.jpg
SW-517 Pot & Pan Cleaner (Powder)_2.jpg
SW-518 Pot & Pan Cleaner (L)_2.jpg
SW-519 Warewash Liquid_2.jpg

SW-516 Chlor Destainer

Chlorine Destaining Powder Suitable for Glassware & Chinaware

SW-517 Pot & Pan Cleaner (Powder)

High Strength Manual Dishwashing Powder Suitable For Cleaning All Pots & Pans

SW-518 Pot & Pan Cleaner (L)

Strong Neutral Liquid Cleaner Suitable for All Cleaning. Slightly Thickened and Comes with Lemon Fragrance

SW-519 Warewash Liquid

Neutral Liquid Cleaner Without Fragrance. Suitable For All Types of Cleaning

SW-520 Heat Jell_2.jpg
SW-521 Foam Soap (Antibac)_2.jpg
SW-522 Lemongrass_2.jpg
SW-523 Surface Sanitizer_2.jpg

SW-520 Heat Jell

Gel Type Food Warmer For Chaffing Dish

SW-521 Foam Soap (Anti Bacterial)

Foaming Hand Cleanser (Requires Foam Dispenser To Generate Foaming)

SW-522 Lemongrass Cleaner & Sanitizer

A Neutral Cleaner with Lemongrass Properties That Cleans & Sanitize As Well As Repel Flies

SW-523 Surface Sanitizer

An Alcohol Based Sanitizer For Food Contact Surfaces

SW-601 Manual Dishwash_2.jpg
SW-602 Pine Degreaser_2.jpg

SW-601 Manual Dishwash

Thick Neutral Dishwashing Liquid

SW-602 Pine Degreaser

A Degreaser That Cleans And Deodorize. Perfect For Degreasing Oily Surfaces. Contains Pine Oil As An Active Sanitizing Compound.

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